Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Simply Skinny Butterfly Scarf

Simply Skinny Butterfly Scarf

Pattern By: Amanda Melton


This pattern was created to match a hat pattern from Vallieskids Blog.  It is sized for a child (3-5 years, approximately 3’ long), but it can be easily adjusted in length.  The rule of thumb I used was 1” of length per inch of height of the child.  The height does not matter because the number if rows is constant.  You can embellish the ends of the scarf with tassels, ruffles, poms, or leave it plain.  I neither recommend making a scarf shorter than this pattern, nor do I recommend making a scarf for a child under age 3 due to strangulation hazards.  This, however, is up to you as a parent.

This is a skinny scarf with a butterfly motif at each end.  It is a simple and quick project that corresponds to the hat pattern Olivia’s Butterfly.  It looks great in solids or multis.

Stitches & Abbreviations Used
-          Chain (ch)
-          Single Crochet (sc)
-          Double Crochet (dc)
-          Triple Crochet (tc)*

Hook, Yarn, & Gauge
-          I/9 – 5.5mm
-          Red Heart Super Saver
-          14dc over 1 row is approximately 4” wide. 

*tc will only be used if embellishing with ruffled ends

Foundation – ch 128
Row 1 – dc in bottom loop of 3rd ch from hook and each ch across (126dc)
Row 2 – ch 2, dc in first 10dc; ch 10, skip 9dc, dc in 10th dc; dc in next 87dc; ch 10, skip 9dc, dc in 10th; dc in next 9 (20ch, 108dc, 18 skipped dc)
Row 3-5 – Repeat Row 2 (20ch, 108dc, 18 skipped dc)
Row 6 – ch 1, sc in first 10dc; ch 5, sc around 5th skipped dc of Row 1, ch 5, sc in next dc; sc in next 9dc (110sc, 20ch, 16 skipped dc)
Row 7 – ch 2, dc in first 10sc; dc in back loop only of ch – do not dc in sc of butterfly; dc in next 87sc; dc in back loop only of ch – do not dc in sc of butterfly; dc in final 10sc

Finishing & Embellishments
-          Weave in ends using yarn needle
-          Ruffle – DO NOT CUT YARN AFTER LAST ROW!
o       Ch 3, 12tc in the end of each row between the first and second dc of the row
o       SC row only – 6tc
o       Last row only – 12tc, ch 3, slip stitch to first dc
o       Cut yarn and weave in ends
o       For other end, slip stitch yarn to last dc in row, ch 3 and begin 12tc
o       If you want contrasting colored ruffles, cut yarn, weave in ends, and slip stitch to join a new color.  You can do this to make the tc ruffle a contrasting color, or you can trim the ruffle in contrasting color by slip stitching color to top of ch3, and then ch 1 for single crochet trim, ch 2 for double, or ch 3 for triple. Then sc/dc/tc in each tc from ruffle.
-          Tassels – Cut 72 pieces of yarn 12” long. Place 6 pieces together, fold double, insert loop from back of scarf between first and second dc of each row (not in sc row), insert ends of yarn through loop and pull tight. Rotate scarf (DO NOT TURN OVER) with front facing up and repeat for other end.
-          Poms – create up to 12 poms and attach with 3” pieces of yarn to each dc row

Size Adjustments
If you adjust the size, simply place a marker at the 10th and 20th stitch from each end to aid in placement of the butterfly motif.

3’ = 126dc
3.5’ = 147dc
4’ = 168dc
4.5’ = 189dc
5’ = 210dc
5.5’ = 231dc
6’ = 252dc

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