Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Am Still Here!

I didn't want everyone to think I had abandoned my post, so I wanted to check in.  I am working on a very time-involved special project right now for my older brother.  It has been in progress for a least a month, maybe 2 at this point.  Yep!  It is crawling along at a snail's pace.  It doesn't help that I've had to take a couple of weeks off from crocheting in general.  The last thing I made was Jan 21, and I need to get that pattern up, because y'all are going to love how quick and easy it is!  I've had a lot of issues lately; between illness in the family and both of my computers dying on me, I have been resting as much as possible. 

My mind has been busy, though, and I am constantly writing down my ideas and sketching them, and I'm working out the details of this ongoing project.  I'm not giving up, though, because I know all the blurry eyes, tingling fingers, and counting stitches will be worth the finished product.  I'm not going to go into any details, because I want it to be a surprise.  Hopefully I will be done with it in a few more weeks.  That may be optimistic, since I'm limiting my crocheting nights so I can get a few other things done (see my other blog  Just know that I am still here, still crocheting and writing patterns, and still interested in any feedback you have about my patterns or pictures you'd like to share of your own finished projects.